10 Great Gifts For A Dog Lover


Just because you don’t have any pets, doesn’t mean they won’t factor in to your gift-buying this holiday season.  Everyone has a friend or family member who’s just a little too obsessed with their dog, after all.  Not that it’s a bad thing, because dog lovers can be seriously easy to shop for.

Here are just a few ideas of gifts your favorite dog lover will adore.

1. Leash rack

A rack to hang leashes on is an essential for any dog lover.  Keep those leashes near the door so they’re on-hand when you need them and ready to go.  No dog lover will mind hanging this on their wall either because it’s so darn cute.

2. Ceramic dog dishes

Ceramic dishes are loved by millions because of how solid they are, how long they last, and how classy they look with any decor.  Granted, every dog lover will have a set of dishes they use already, but none would ever turn up her nose at a new set or some spares.

3. Treat jar

Looks cute on the counter and keeps those treats right where you need them.

4. Breed magnet

Boxer, bulldog, chihuahua, or fox terrier — every dog lover has a favorite breed.  There are a bunch of cute magnets like this, available in tons of different breeds so you can pick out the right one and give the gift of an adorable dog face.

5. Dog friendly welcome mat

Lets everyone know that when they enter this particular dwelling, they may or may not be assaulted with slobber and kisses.

6. Car safety harness

Nothing is more precious to a dog lover than the safety of their furry friend.  So get them this handy harness to keep their pooch safe when traveling in the back seat of the car.

7. Waste bag dispenser

This cute bone-shaped bag dispenser clips right onto the leash for convenience and holds a plentiful roll of bags inside.  So your friend will never be without a bag when she needs one.

8. Dog food storage container

Not only does this container keep food fresh, it keeps your dog lover friend from having a half-empty bag of food sitting out in the open and looking messy.

9. Dog dish mat

Anyone who’s ever owned a dog knows the awful feeling of stepping into a puddle of water that has been slopped over the side of the dish.  This mat goes right under the dog dishes and keeps spills inside so they don’t end up soaking a pair of socks.

10. Paw print keychain

Sometimes a simple gift can express the sentiment just perfectly, like this keychain which any dog lover will be proud to display on their key ring.