15 Things You Must Explain To People Who Don’t Have Dogs


Anyone who has a dog can back me up on this: a dog is more than just a pet; it’s a member of the family.  However, sometimes people who don’t have dogs have a hard time understanding that.  It’s just an animal, right?  It’s just a furry little thing, not a loved one or a relative, right?

Wrong.  And that’s just one of the many things that people with inevitably have to explain to people who don’t have dogs.  Unless you have a dog in your life, you just can’t understand.

1. What it’s like to not even be grossed out by poop anymore.

2. How you and your dog communicate with each other without even talking.

3. Why you don’t mind sleeping on the very edge of the bed because your dog hogs all the space.

people who don't have dogs
Photo Credit: HerePup

4. How excited you get when you come home everyday and see that tail wagging.

5. How your heart breaks at the very thought of your beloved dog scared or in pain.

6. What it’s like to be conditioned to hate the sound of the doorbell ringing because it always sends your dog into a barking frenzy.

people who don't have dogs
Photo Credit: Flickr

7. How it is possible to tune out the barking.  It just takes lots of practice.

8. Why sometimes you enjoy the company of your dog more than any human on the planet.

9. What it’s like to be unconditionally loved so much by someone who’s probably doesn’t even know your name.

people who don't have dogs
Photo Credit: Flickr

10. Why you can’t have nice things anymore.

11. Why you can’t have people over to your house, unless those people like being mauled with wet kisses.

12. Why you don’t even mind that everything you own has fur on it.

13. How you can instantly make friends with other dog owners just by talking about your dogs.

14. How you’ve become trained to never leave shoes on the floor if you ever want to wear them again.

people who don't have dogs
Photo Credit: Flickr

15. That no matter how loud, messy, or disobedient your dog can be, you’d never trade him for anything in the world.

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