Curious Creatures

Curious Creatures

Get facts and pictures of your favorite curious creatures.

The Red-Eared Nose-Spotted Monkey

spotted monkey
The Red-Eared Nose-Spotted Monkey is on the endangered species list. They are dwindling in numbers due to loss of habitat, hunters killing them for...

Hedgehogs As Pets

hedgehogs as pets
Hedgehogs can make excellent pets if it is the type of pet you are seeking.  I am more of a traditional pet owner but...

8 Top Zoos For Kids

Going to the zoo is the quintessential experience for any child.  Seeing the animals, eating ice cream, and feeding the giraffes.  Lions and tigers...

13 Fun Pet Halloween Costumes

pet halloween costumes
Dressing up for Halloween is not just for the children and the spirited adults.  It's for everyone who wants to partake in the spooky...

The Great Horned Owl

The Great Horned Owl is considered to be the most fearsome of the owl species. They are also called Hoot Owls, Cat Owls or...

Fun Facts About Prairie Dogs

Prairie Dogs
Prairie dogs are cute little squirrel-like creatures that are burrowing rodent mammals. They live in the grasslands of the western and central regions of...

Ten Most Dangerous Animals In The World

The most dangerous animals are not always the ones we think of. Honestly, any animal can be dangerous in certain situations. For me, the...

The 10 Fastest Animals On Earth

fastest animals
Going on an African safari must be absolutely amazing, but at the same time...a little worrying, especially when you take into account that some...

Five Unusual Celebrity Pets That Might Surprise You

Celebrity Pets are right in line with their celebrity owners. They are rare, exotic, and certainly not the type of pet that an ordinary...

Snorkeling with Tropical Fish in French Polynesia

Tropical Fish
These are the highlights from an early morning snorkel off the island of Mo'orea in French Polynesia. We saw many butterfly fish, blue damsels, Picasso fish, puffer fish and many more. Enjoy!