Find the Best Kitty Litter – 5 Best Bets


Finding the best kitty litter is at times a moving target. What exactly is the best kitty litter will depend on your cat’s preferences, your preferences, those of the other humans sharing your home, your living environment and the current formulation of the kitty litter. This last big is a particularly galling point for us. Over the years we have alighted on kitty litters that have worked FANTASTICALLY only to have them turn on us. Suddenly a litter that wasn’t tracking is one that makes us feel like there is a beach in our bed. Yuck! A litter that does a marvelous job at odor control starts stinking up the joint. What went wrong? Who knows? Did the manufacturer switch to a new supplier? Did they change the formula? With the caveat that any of the below assembled “best kitty litters” may suddenly become a worst kitty litter these are the one’s we’ve tried and suggest might work well for you.

5 Best Kitty Litter

Best Kitty Litter for those that hate to scoop!

Crystal formulas: In this category. we like Fresh Step Crystals and Nature’s Miracle. Both absorb odor and moisture on contact. There’s no clumping. If you just have one cat theoretically you just change out the litter completely once a month. We think this is more likely to be every two to three weeks since with two cats in a small space, and sensitive noses once a week works the best for us. Tracking is almost nonexistant.

Best Kitty Litter for cats that need a daily scoop!

Low track, scoopable: Some cats won’t go for crystals because of the texture which can be tough on toes and make burying a challenge. If your cat needs a sandy texture and a fresh litter and you’ll want a low track scoopable litter. Our favorite on the market is World’s Best. The only reason we stopped using it is one of our sweeties started going berzerk with burrying and would scoop out half the litter by the time we got home from work each night. It comes in both Multi-Cat and Regular. Scooping is a breeze because it clumps well. Tracking is reasonable for a sand textured type litter.


Best Kitty Litter for cats that want to save the planet.

Green options: Yesterday’s News is kitty litter made from recycled newspapers and cardboard. The litter is shaped like pellets and has little to no tracking. Devotee’s of this brand love it and rave about its odor eliminating capabilities. Although it doesn’t clump in order to get it to last one must scoop the solids and then dig around to find moist pellets to remove daily. The resulting waste is biodegradable and we’ve been told compostable. While we were intrigued by the low dust and low tracking claims our kitties didn’t like the pellets.

Best Kitty Litter – The Next Contestant

Ultra Scoop. As mentioned earlier in our house ‘the best kitty litter’ is a temporary honor. Between finicky cats and finicky owners we always need to be prepared for a litter box strike. Dr. Elsy’s Precious Premium Ultra Clumping is the next contestant. Recommended by several kitty loving friends living in tight quarters with their felines if our cats decide crystals are no longer their friend this brand is next on our roster to try. Its attributes include large grains that are too heavy to track, super clumping qualities and low dust.


What do your kitties recommend? Any great grocery store brands out there? Let us know about them in the comments. We find that Fresh Step Crystals is widely available in grocery stores, unfortunately, the rest require a special trip to the pet store or need to be ordered online. We ended up signing up with Amazon to get a monthly subscription to Fresh Step.


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