New Puppy? 10 Essential Puppy Supplies


Whether you had a new puppy waiting under the Christmas tree for your children or you just decided to go to the shelter and pick one out together, this is definitely the “puppy” time of year.  It’s exciting and fun bringing home a new addition to the family, but don’t forget, that adorable puppy is more than just a living gift, it’s an actual life.  So you have to make sure you’ve got all the puppy supplies you need to properly care for and train it.

Picking a puppy was the hard part.  Now comes the easy part, filling your cart will these essential puppy supplies and bringing them home too.

10 Essential Puppy Supplies: #1. Puppy pads

You’ll definitely want to train your new puppy to go potty outside, but during the dead of winter, that’s sometimes easier said than done.  Keeping a clean puppy pad inside the crate or by the door and teaching your dog to use them is the next best thing for now.

10 Essential Puppy Supplies: #2. Nylabone chew toys

Puppies aren’t supposed to chew rawhide, so Nylabone is an essential for now.  These things are tough and durable, and they’ll really help with your puppy’s natural chewing instinct.  Before and during teething, puppies are especially bitey, so having several of these ready to stick between their teeth instead of your finger will be very handy.

10 Essential Puppy Supplies: #3. Puppy formulated food

Whatever brand you prefer, you want to make sure you have food formulated for puppies.  Like this particular brand, all good puppy foods will have natural ingredients that help with brain development and growth.

10 Essential Puppy Supplies: #4. Stain and odor remover

Accidents happen a lot with a new puppy.  Just expect that, and be prepared with plenty of spot and odor remover.  Make sure to follow the instructions on the bottle and treat each spot thoroughly so odor doesn’t have time to cling to fabric or carpet.

10 Essential Puppy Supplies: #5. Walking harness

Get your new puppy on the right path for a lifetime of easy, no-pull walks with a chest harness.  This one is soft, comfortable, and gently discourages your puppy from attempting to drag you off the sidewalk whenever he sees something interesting.

10 Essential Puppy Supplies: #6. Training treats

Treats are a necessity for training a new puppy, but too many treats will upset their tummy or make them too full to eat dinner.  These training treats are tiny enough to use for frequent rewards, but they’ll still entice your dog to perform when you ask.

10 Essential Puppy Supplies: #7. Small kennel

Crate training is the way to go with a new puppy.  It goes with a dog’s natural instinct to relax and sleep in a den, so your pup will like it as much as you like not having to keep your eye on him every moment.  You want it to be big enough for your dog to stand up and turn around in, but not much bigger or they may make a habit of relieving themselves on one side and sleeping on the other.  Don’t spend too much on your first kennel, though, because they’ll outgrow it in a few months anyway.

10 Essential Puppy Supplies: #8. Nylon leash

Resist the urge to buy a retractable leash, at least for now, because your puppy needs to learn to stay by your side as much as possible.  A leash that lets them rush towards every interesting thing they see only encourages that kind of behavior.  A sturdy, nylon leash will do.

10 Essential Puppy Supplies: #9. Fleece blanket

New puppies may cry after they’ve been separated from their mother and litter mates, so make sure they have at least one soft, fleece blanket to curl up with.  You can even put a hot water bottle underneath it to simulate the feeling of other warm puppies.

10 Essential Puppy Supplies: #10. Puppy toothbrush

Now is the time to get your new puppy used to having his teeth brushed.  Make it a regular thing and then you won’t have a hard time doing it later on in life.  Get a toothbrush that’s specially made for puppies so it’s small and gentle enough not to hurt.


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