Unique Dog Gifts Your Dog Will Dig!


If you’re like me, you buy gifts for your dog throughout the year! I tend to spoil my pooches with chew bones, sweaters and other cute winter outfits, blankets, toys, and other tasty treats.

If there is any member of the family that deserves a special gift, it has got to be your loyal canine. They give you unconditional love every day and their only goal in life is to make you happy. The least you can do is to buy them a chew toy or a soft, cozy, warm dog bed.

Don’t forget to shop for gifts for the dog lover in your life. They deserve a little treat as well.

Dog Gifts that Entertain

The Hurrik9 Starter Pack is the first dog fetching toy that defies gravity by launching a flying ring over 100 feet. After a couple of ring launches, your dog has run over the length of a football field giving them exercise and it’s fun for both of you!

The Animal Planet Dog Treat Launcher  treat time game time. Simply, fill the storage compartment with your pet’s favorite (tiny) snacks. The launcher has a trigger system that is spring-loaded to catapult each treat into the air for your dog to catch!

Personalized Dog Gifts

Personalized gifts makes anyone feel special. Make no mistake, pet parents are proud of the names they have chosen for their beloved canine, and they love to show it off. Check out the Personalized Dog Bag Case and Personalized Dog Leash.

Create a custom sweatshirt personalized with a name or a cute saying of your choosing with The Fall Pet Sweatshirt available for order at Bow & Drape. Each unique saying is custom applied to the back of the gray sweatshirt using either sequins or embroidered script. Design your own masterpiece, limited only by your imagination.

Create your own Custom Pet Bowls . There are large assortment of cat and dog bowls ready to be personalized with beautiful vibrant colors. You can even add text to these bowls, personalizing it with your dog or cats’ name.


Dog Gifts to Stay Warm

Treat your best friend to the comfort, warmth, and security with a soft and Cozy Fleece Blanket. The blanket is the perfect size for taking along in the car, lining a crate, and covering the couch. It will provide a familiar scent and surface while traveling.

Here is an All-weather Jacket that will keep your dog nice and warm.  Soft fleece on one side, waterproof, breathable with nylon on the other. It has high-visibility reflective piping for safe strolls in the dark and you can get your pet’s name embroidered if you wish.


Dog Gifts Just For Fun

VW Campervan Pet Carrier will set your pet apart as they travel in style!

Create a Custom Silkscreen Pet Pillow designed from a photograph of your very own pet! Available through ETSY.

Dog Gifts For A Cause

When you purchase the Pinot for Paws Woof Gift Box, you will be helping a shelter animal find a forever home. This charming doggie gift box  contains a bottle of California Pinot Noir (for the faithful owner), along with a tennis ball, canvas fetch bone, cotton rope tug, toss toys, and gourmet treats.

Just a reminder as you think about gifts for your beloved hound, consider that the gift of good health is the best thing you can give. Always spay and neuter your pet, get them a microchip so they can come home safely if they ever get lost, schedule yearly check-up exams to keep their vaccinations current, keep them on a heartworm preventative all year around, and don’t forget to give them exercise and proper nutrition.